The work of Derek Michael Brennan

Artist + Designer from Arizona, USA

Social Media

Social media videos + graphics for Stereo Skateboards 2021+

Stereo Skateboards Waldo Diaz

Stereo Skateboards Kingswell event Andrey Tarasov

Youtube video covers for Thrasher Magazine + Stereo Skateboards 2021+
Stereo Presents - Bryce Wettstein, Professional Debut

Stereo Presents - Waldo Diaz

Stereo Field Agent - Andrey Tarasov

Snapchat geofilter + Instagram templates for ASU Herberger Institute 2017-2019
iPhone with Snapchat opened, young woman taking selfie with community geofilter applied

large number to depict ranking of degree program, with photo from degree program in background

text announcing award, with school logo and illustration of award ribbon

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